Chaos has always seemed to follow Reign, and that’s why she did everything in her power to avoid it. The last thing she expected to find out is that the man who had came into her world, knocking down every wall she’d built around her heart, to come with more chaos than she could imagine. Pharaoh has done a great job with hiding the underworld life he lives from Reign, but now with his truth exposed to her, he finds himself in a fight that he may not be able to win. Will Pharaoh be able to prove to his woman that he could be the man she wants, along with running his family’s empire, or will his lies be the deal breaker in his relationship with Reign?

Tempest never planned to reunite with her first love, let alone become the one he would have to depend on, but with the nightmare that King is living and wishes he could wake up from, Tempest had no problem with putting their differences aside to be there for him. Not only is King struggling to deal with his daughter being shot down like a dog in the streets, but he is now dealing with finding out him and that same daughter didn’t share the same DNA. Katrina and all the hell she has brought into King’s world have him second guessing every decision he has made in life. Will hard times be able to bring back together what was once lost due to bitter people, lies and jealousy?

Chasity’s life got turned upside down when she was hauled off in the back of the police car in front of her son. Rico refuses to let Chasity, who he feels belong to him and him only, be happy with Majesty. He would rather see Chasity behind bars for the rest of her life than in the arms of another man. Majesty and Rico are two men that want the same woman, and neither should be underestimated on how far they would go to have her. Will Majesty and Chasity get there happy ever after, or will Rico make good on his promise and erase Chasity from everyone lives?

In Loving the Connect of Philly 2, the Black brothers will take you on a ride as they try to stir themselves and their loved ones out the chaos that has erupted in everyone’s lives. The snakes are shedding their skin and coming to light in ways that no one saw coming. Will love be able to pull them through or will lies, secrets and false sense of loyalty be everyone’s downfall?

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Product Type Name: ABIS_EBOOKS
  • Manufacturer: Tynessa Presents
  • Release Date: 2018-11-11